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June 04 2016

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from 14:10 begins the so called: "modular human movement installation two models from the royal danish ballet
in exoskeleton-themed pieces made from used carpet

BARBARA I GONGINI FASHION SHOW : collection 7 & 24 / AW16 - YouTube

April 13 2016

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A Warrior | Daniel Rama | OHMME Yoga - YouTube
Tags: yoga
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YOGA ON THE EDGE | Davin Jones | OHMME Yoga - YouTube
Tags: yoga

January 24 2016

dance inspiration

December 08 2015

check out his other great installations - it's an different reality within

November 30 2015

October 30 2015

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Cathedrals' song "Unbound." with Alex Green's "Voxels" description in the article below

September 17 2015

Working With Master Caligrapher Seb Lester
(used Pens included)

September 04 2015

Storyboard Pin Flume&Chet Faker's VIDEO "Drop the Game"

May 14 2015

April 17 2015

April 01 2015

on this blog are wonderful nature and flower photos with a massive amount of beautiful colors
Tags: photo tree colors
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February 23 2015

Sigur Rós - Valtari

February 19 2015

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February 06 2015

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Calightoscope (Irrlichtschwarm)
A kinetic light installation moved by six dancers in a performance.
Concept: Jeannine Jesch
Dancers: Timea Csaba, Alexandra Galindo, Annika Hakala, Desireé Lange, Julia Müllner,
Veronika Platzer und Elisabeth Schroeder
Music: Sweat Records
more info:
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