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September 14 2018

March 16 2018

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What Is Contemporary Dance?

November 27 2017

Pulkit Kamal's surreal pictures of melancholia
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February 17 2017

May 14 2015

April 17 2015

April 01 2015

on this blog are wonderful nature and flower photos with a massive amount of beautiful colors
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February 23 2015

Sigur Rós - Valtari

February 19 2015

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February 06 2015

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Calightoscope (Irrlichtschwarm)
A kinetic light installation moved by six dancers in a performance.
Concept: Jeannine Jesch
Dancers: Timea Csaba, Alexandra Galindo, Annika Hakala, Desireé Lange, Julia Müllner,
Veronika Platzer und Elisabeth Schroeder
Music: Sweat Records
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July 25 2014

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Best of Anthony Howe
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Troika Thixotropes, 2011

Series of 8 mechanised systems, carbon, steel banding, LED's

Thixotropes # 1, # 2, # 5 and # 6: 1.20 m (DIA) x 2.20 m (H)
Thixotropes # 3, # 4, # 7 and # 8: 1.75 m (DIA) x 1.75 m (H)

'Thixotropes' is a kinetic sculpture that is comprised of a series of eight illuminated mechanised structures, each of them shaped as a composition of intersecting angular and geometric forms that are made of thin tensed steel banding lined with rows of LED's.
The constructions continuously revolve around their own axis thereby materialising the path of the light and dissolving the spinning structures into compositions of aerial cones, spheres and ribbons of warm and cold light while giving life and shape to an immaterial construct.

'Thixotropes' combines Troika's interest in art and science and stretches the boundaries of a long history of light painting photography that can be traced back to 1914 when Frank Gilbreth, along with his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth, used small lights and the open shutter of a camera to track the motion of manufacturing and clerical workers.
Merging technology with their artistic practice, Troika's kinetic sculptures explore the intersection of scientific thought, observation and human experience in a rational and rationalised world, and describes how logic and reason live in the presence of the metaphysical and surreal.

'Thixotropes' was commissioned by Selfridges London.
October 2011 -- January 2012.
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5 m long x 5 m wide x 3.60 high
50 mechanisms, Swarovski Crystal lenses, LEDs,
Custom build controls

each mechanism: 69 cm (L) x 11.8 cm (D) x 50 cm (H)

'150 years after Sir Isaac Newton dissected the phenomenon of the rainbow, English poet John Keats commented that science had robbed nature and the rainbow of its spectacle by reducing its notion to prismatic colours. 'Falling Light' challenges this belief, with a captivating cinematographic interplay between crystal prisms and the preternatural experience they are able to create.

50 ceiling suspended mechanical devices each incorporating a custom cut Swarovski crystal optical lens, a computer programmed motor and a white LED, comprise TROIKA's installation 'Falling Light'.

The white-painted metal armatures rise in syncopation by rotating cam before gravity releases them earthward, activating the LED to move away, closer to the crystal lens. The lens acts as a prism, transforming through diffraction, the LED's white light into a rainbow myriad, in turn creating the rhythmical ebb and flow of the floor-strewn droplets.

Experiencing small drops of light falling from the ceiling onto the gallery floor, the visitor is immersed in a shower of light, each droplet encircled by a vibrant halo of rainbow colours. In chorus, the humming sound of the mechanism is audible -- light and sound meld into a single immersive and multi sensory experience, enforcing TROIKA's agenda that science does not destroy, but rather discovers poetry in the patterns of nature.'

Text written by Suzanne Trocmé

Commissioned by Swarovski Crystal Palace for Design Miami,
1. - 5. DECEMBER 2010

May 12 2014

May 06 2014

Kiev's Independent Square before and after the revolution (2014)

via 100 Iconic Photos That Forever Define The 21st Century So Far. Everyone Needs To See This.
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The Cat Mew Machine (1963)
The cat-mew machine. (1963)

This Japanese machine meows times per minute to scare away rats and mice. The eyes light up too.


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